Learning guitar is not as easy as some beginners learner think about. Some guys may consider it is not a hard job because the six strings instrument is not as hard and other instruments like violin and piano. The reality is guitar is not as easy to learn as most of you think about. To master this instrument, you need patient and hard work. So how to start to learn guitar?

The first thing to do is getting your guitar. Make sure what is your favorite music style and choose the best guitar type for you. Refer to beginner guitar. Once choose your guitar type, set up a budget. Don’t buy the too cheap or too expensive guitar. Many big guitar makers offer beginners their entry level product line, in most case you can find what you want there.

The next thing to do is finding a good guitar lessons. There are so many online guitar tutorials and resources. Some of them are good but some will mislead you. There are 3 types of guitar lessons: free online lessons, paid online lessons, face-to-face guitar lessons(or private guitar lessons). If you just want to play the guitar for fun, free online guitar lessons are enough for you, check out learn guitar. If you want to become a professional guitarist, choose the best paid online guitar lessons like Jamplay, Guitartricks or follow some local guitar teachers.

Which is better, the online lessons or offline lessons? It is hard to say. The traditional learning method is face to face lessons. The teacher can teach you step by step and give you advice when you make mistakes. But they are usually very expensive and in some case you can’t find a good guitar teacher in your area. Online guitar lessons are cheaper than private lessons. You can learn by yourself by following the guide. But sometimes the online instructors are not as real as the real teachers.

The lasting to do is practice. There is no shortcut to success. No matter you are a talent or not, you have to take some times on this six string instrument everyday. Many beginners give up too early before they can see the progress of themselves. Stick to practicing. Find the mistakes and correct them. Be slow and patient. What I mean is that it’s always the slow and steady who win the race.